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Areta GmbH is an advisory firm specialized in Real Assets and SME ("Mittelstand"). We operate successfully in the "D-A-CH" region and see ourselves as a link between the real economy and finance.

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A hub for activities in the field of Real Assets & Real Services

Are you looking for a management consultancy that will accompany you? Then you are right with us! The driver of our activities is our experience. Our practical knowledge is based on different areas such as Investment Banking, Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Auditing & Corporate Consulting, Asset & Financial Instruments Valutaion, Industry and Information Technology.

Institutional Investors: Concepts for investments in Real Assets

Investors appreciate real assets also due to the current interest rate environment. We are prepared for this.

Our projects

Interested in our services? Make yourself a picture and view our projects implemented.

Interest from institutional investors in alternative investments and infrastructure increases significantly. Investments in Real Asset such as Infrastructure provide safe and predictable cash flows and high value retention. In the next few years huge investments in infrastructure are needed in Europe. Who will finance all this? Banks, which previously held the finance function, excrete increased. Alternatives must and will establish themselves.

Banking 4.0: After the saving & credit model, the traditional investment banking and arranging through the capital market, the customers are waiting for creative solutions that combine the real economy with the capital market. Banks and long-term investors in the medium term need to work together. The strict sectoral thinking within the Financials is a thing of the past.

Areta does not provide investment services and activities in accordance with WAG in relation to financial instruments.

Real Assets


Advisory 4.0

The evolution has been successful. We have contributed a part. Benefit from our experience.

Heinz Hofstaetter, Managing Director & Owner, Areta GmbH