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Case Studies

Our projects are diversified and create sustainable value. See for yourself.

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Case Studies

See the case studies of Mr Hofstaetter and get yourself a picture of our approach. We are constantly developing new themes. The reasons of our activities, we also conduct forth from our experiences.


The evolution has been successful. We have contributed a part. Benefit from our experience.


  • Establishment of a financing platform for urban transport systems (UTS)
  • Municipal consulting in finance for more than 500 municipalities
  • Value investing based on real equities | listed & unlisted equities
  • Establishment of a consulting and valuation platform for illiquid and complex financial instruments – Real Assets
  • Alternative funding pillars
  • Investment management, structuring and financing
    Building products and distribution channels in the Financial Products & IT Products
  • Developement of a Structured Credit Manager
  • Asset Management, Asset Allocation – Fiduciary structures
  • Developement of investment platforms | Volume: EUR 6.5 billion
  • Municipal finance, municipal leasing | Volume: EUR 10 billion
  • Placement of equity financing | Volume: EUR 2.5 billion
  • Advice on debt portfolios | Volume: EUR 3 billion
  • Construction of securitization platforms | Volume: EUR 8 billion
  • Advice on various corporate transactions (on the buy / sell side)
  • Management tasks – board, president, director, head
  • Business management roles within the meaning of BWG and WAG

These are expressly projects that Mr. Hofstaetter has been responsible for in his previous professional career in various organizations.

Areta does not provide investment services and activities in accordance with WAG in relation to financial instruments.