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Mag. Heinz Hofstaetter

Over 20 years of international and generalist experience in senior management positions in the areas of consulting, banking, finance, asset management, valuation and Real Assets.

Managing Director

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Magister Heinz Hofstaetter began his career immediately after graduation at KPMG in Frankfurt. Advisory to institutions in the industrial, engineering, food and Banking in Germany at the time of German reunification was a key focus. Years of work in the „neuen Deutschen Bundesländern – East Germany“ in the field of auditing and corporate finance have created an extensive basis for his next move. This led him about banking, asset management, valuation relating to real assets. Mr. Hofstaetter has a profound generalist access to all topics in finance and consulting field.


After years of advice in connection with capital markets and capital market business (IPO, M & A, Research) followed the entry into the field of banking / finance at HYPO NOE. There Mr. Hofstaetter has processed the entire width of the banking business. The focus of credit, leasing, project financing were supplemented by extensive experience in the investment and asset-liability management. Beyond that, Mr. Hofstaetter has worked intensively as a board member of two investment firms in Austria. We has intensive experience in  all asset classes, asset allocation and manager & product selection

The developement of a valuation company connected with an evaluation platform for complex and illiquid financial instruments in Frankfurt completes the universal alignment while focusing on Business Practices. Currently Mr. Hofstaetter is dealing mainly with the benefit of the combination of real assets and the capital market.

  • Areta GmbH, Managing Director
  • Finance | Investments | Rsikmanagement | Advisory, FRC-Finance & Risk Consult GmbH, Managing Director
  • Real Assets meet Capital Markets, Advisory, RopewayInvest GmbH, Managing Director
  • Value Investing based on real equities | listed & unlisted equities
  • Asset Valuation / Pricing von illiquiden & komplexen financial instruments, AVS-Valuation GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
  • Consulting
  • Asset Management, CEO, Businessdevelopment at Kathrein Capital Management (HCM/KCM)
  • Asset-/Participationmanagement, Managing Director of FIBEG
  • Securitization, Managing Director of Blue Danube Loan Funding
  • Banking/Management, Member of the Management Board, CSO, Public-, Real Estate- & Project Finance – at HYPO NOE
  • Banking, Director Public Finance – HYPO NOE
  • Industry, Finance, Investor Relation – voestalpine Krems
  • Investmentbanking, Capital Markets, Research, M&A, Director – BA-Investmenbank
  • Auditing & Corporate Finance, Director – KPMG, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna

These are expressly positions and projects that Mr. Hofstaetter has been responsible for in his previous professional career in various organizations.


Mr. Hofstaetter has visited after his studies at the Vienna University of Economics executes extensive seminars and training sessions in the field of social skills and training events (both as a participant and as a lecturer). He was also a lecturer at postgraduate and university educational institutions such as Vienna University of Technology, MBA program „Mergers & Acquisitions“ and the Danube University / ITM / FH Krems active in „financing, capital markets and investment banking“. Memberships in several public platforms, among others about Public Private Partnerships combine the training with practice.

  • Geschäftsleiter gem. Bankwesengesetz (BWG) und Wertpapieraufsichtsgesetz (WAG)
  • Professional Financial Advisor
  • Consulting Services, including business organization according to  94 Z 74 GewO 1995
  • Mag. rer.soc.oec., Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • military service